+ how long have you been shooting weddings?

We have been shooting weddings for 5 years now! Time flies when you're having fun : )

+ do you travel for weddings?

Yes! We love to travel! There are no travel fees for weddings within a 50 mile radius from Los Angeles and no accommodation fees for weddings within a 100 mile radius!

+ how long does it take to get our final video?

The turnaround time is 10-12 weeks for the highlight film, and 5 more weeks for the final package (highlight film + extended cut) mailed to you. We spend many many hours getting your film just right and we want it to be perfect before you get it.

+ how many shooters do you bring to a wedding?

We always bring 2 cinematographers or 2 photographers to a wedding. This ensures that we can capture everything on your very special day. We don't want to miss a thing! It also allows us to capture the same moment at different angles and allows us to split up and shoot different things/people at the same time. It's crucial!

+ do you back up your footage?

Yes! Yes! Yes! We export all of our footage the night of the wedding no matter how late we finish, and we back it up onto multiple hard drives just in case one of the hard drives fail.

+ how do you deliver your films?

Your highlight film will be available online to share with your family and friends. Five weeks later, you'll receive a package in the mail with all the goods! It will include the highlight film and extended cut on a USB.

+ how do we officially book?

The signing of the contract + a 50% deposit will lock the date for you! This can all be done online.

+ what type of payments do you receive?

Checks, wire transfers, Chase Quickpay, and Venmo!